• Metabolomics and lipidomics Platform - University of Lausanne

    Metabolomics and lipidomics platform (MEP) at the University of Lausanne (UNIL) is looking for a bioinformatician to work on data processing, statistical analyses, data visualization and implementation of tools for data interpretation in the biochemically relevant context (i.e. MSEA and metabolic network analysis). The best candidate would ideally have the skills to contribute to metabolic signature database design and programming. The applicant will have the opportunity to work with diverse datasets acquired through collaborations with molecular biologists and/or clinicians investigating energy metabolism, metabolic signaling and regulation in health, healthy ageing and different metabolic disorders (e.g. cancer metabolism, aging phenomenon, neurodegenerative diseases, diabetes).

    The detailed job description (including the desired qualifications and responsibilities, and CDC) can be found here.

    • Full Professorship - University of Bayreuth

    The University of Bayreuth is a research-oriented university with internationally competitive, interdisciplinary focus areas in research and teaching. The newly founded Faculty of Life Sciences: Food, Nutrition & Health on the University of Bayreuth’s Kulmbach Campus is currently seeking to appoint a Professor of the Food Metabolome (full professorship) to commence as soon as possible.

    For details about this position please follow this link.

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